By submitting an application (whether contestant, State Director, sponsor or other) you are agreeing for us to contact you by all methods provided for the purposes of, but not limited to marketing, research, transactions and solicitation of our services.  You can opt out of any or all channels HERE.

Application Payment

All “Application Fees” are non-refundable whether or not an applicant is chosen for a Title or participates in any events.

All-Inclusive Fee

All “All-Inclusive Fees” are non-refundable whether an applicant participates or not.  At the discretion of Mrs. United States National Pageant, Inc. the monies may be applied to other services.

Data Collection

We collect data about how our customers interface with our various marketing channels with the goal of providing the best service possible.  At no time do we sell or otherwise share your information with third parties.  All data is securely stored in password and encrypted systems only available to Mrs. United States National Pageant, Inc. staff.


Cookies are small data files stored on the hard drive of your computer or mobile device by a website. Session cookies are generally used to aid navigation on our Website, while persistent cookies allow us to maintain information between visits, such as the number of site visits, and user preferences, such as your username. A persistent cookie remains on your hard drive for a limited time period, after which it expires and is deleted by your browser. For more information about cookies, please visit

Email Tracking/Pixels

We may use pixel tags to track the actions of users. A pixel tag is a tiny, opaque graphic image, usually no larger than 1 pixel x 1 pixel, which is placed on a website or in an email that is used to monitor the behavior of the user. Pixel tags measure how relevant our content is to our customers, measure the success of our marketing campaigns, email open rates and compile statistics about such.

Event Ticketing

A ticket can be refunded up to the day prior the event, but not the day of or after.  No returns or refunds will be issued for unused tickets.

Journey to the Crown

The program is for contestants competing in a United States National Pageants recognized pageant and facilitated by current and prior Titleholders or "Queen Mentors."  The following are conditions of use by contestants:

  • Queen Mentors only cover topics in the Journey to the Crown workbook
  • Mentoring is free on a volunteer basis with no guarantee of availability
  • Individual one-on-one sessions are limited to 30 minutes once a week
  • This is NOT pageant coaching and there are no guarantees, expressed or otherwise, of winning or placing in a pageant or in affecting standing in one
  • All materials provided are copyright of Mrs. United States National Pageant, Inc. and cannot be replicated or repurposed for third party use

Pay Per View/Streaming Services (PPV/LSS)

Live streamed events are not on-demand and cannot be re-watched, started over (i.e. ticket is used after the start of the stream you cannot watch prior portions) or paused.  All tickets are valid for the duration of the stream for the purchaser only.  Once a ticket is purchased and used it cannot be refunded.  An unused ticket can be refunded up to the day prior of stream, but not the day of or after.  The ticket cannot be shared, distributed or otherwise provided to third parties.

Pay Per View/Video On Demand (PPV/VOD)

Some events will be listed as Live Stream AND Video On Demand.  These events can be watched as the action is happening and re-watched later for a given amount of time.  Check individual list carefully for Video On Demand options and how long they last.  Once a ticket is purchased and used it cannot be refunded.  An unused ticket can be refunded up to the day prior of stream, but not the day of or after.  The ticket cannot be shared, distributed or otherwise provided to third parties.

People’s Choice/Other Voting

Votes cast through the system are non-refundable.  Unless otherwise stated $1 USD equals one vote.

Processing Fee

 A fee will be charged if pageant fees are not paid in full and split payments are made.  This is a one time charge to cover processing and other fees incurred.  State Pageants $25, National Pageant $100


Crowns, sashes and other made to order items cannot be returned due to their custom nature.  All other returns require an RMA to be issued before shipment or they may not be accepted.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

To make sure your LSS/VOD ticket is not used by someone else we use 2FA security.  If you switch devices anytime after your ticket purchase or your device's cookies are cleared the system will send you a second 2FA security code that must be entered before the LSS/VOD will start.  This additional step provides an extra level of security to make sure you receive what you purchased.

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