Rachel Deangelis Miss Teen United States - 2022

Miss Teen United States - 2022

Rachel Deangelis

Rachel is a senior at Washington State University on several academic scholarships, majoring in Broadcast News and minoring in Sports Management. Recently she was elected to the Executive Board of Cable 8 Productions as the Human Resource Director and was the director for The Red Tape last school year.

Recognized nationally for her community service, she has volunteered over 1,000 hours of community service with 50 different organizations. Through competing in pageantry and getting involved in her community, especially working with the National Bullying Prevention Solution Station and BRAVE, she was awarded the 2018 Unity Award from Pacer National Anti-Bullying Organization for her message #cleanthemean.

Rachel is proud to be an internationally published model. Still, her biggest passion is being an ambassador for the American Heart Association in honor of her uncle, who passed away at 37 years old from a cardiac arrest. She was honored to work with the former governor of California, Jerry Brown, to make CPR training a High School requirement.

As a young woman hoping to heal one heart at a time, she formed a team with her aunt where she raised over $5,000 and has hosted many workshops in her community through Malibu’s Harry Dombrowski Youth City Commission Health and Wellness Program. Championing her campaign Healthy Heart Healthy Life, her mission is to show by example and teach others the importance of taking care of your health by educating and advocating at walks, throughout the media, and at workshops.

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