LaToya Rucker Ms. Woman United States - 2022

Ms. Woman United States - 2022

LaToya Rucker

Hi, my name is LaToya Lynnette Rucker, and here’s why you need to know me.

I am a multifaceted leader in many different circles.

As an entrepreneur, I have a thriving event planning company that serves Fortune 500 companies such as Coca-Cola and Apple as well as several pharmaceutical companies.

As a California native, I am based out of Los Angeles with a Bachelor’s degree from the California State University of Long Beach, where I majored in Human Development.

My degree is accentuated by my legal background, which includes an emphasis on contracts. My experience with Judicate West (a mediation arbitration company), Pacific Summit Energy (power oil and gas company) and the City of Glendale’s City Attorney prove the breadth of my abilities.

As a public figure, I am the reigning Ms. Women United States-2022. I am an actress and a model with my own swimwear and fitness lines of clothing.

Lastly, as a burgeoning philanthropist, I donate monthly to protect our environment with The Nature Conservancy. I also am intimately involved with MOMS Orange County, whose mission is to help low-income mothers and their families with a variety of services. During my reign, I plan to help single mothers around the United States, obtain back to school supplies, and clothing for their families.
Beauty, intelligence, a breadth of experience, an uncompromising work ethic and a commitment to serve make up each facet of the my diamond. I am your Ms. Women United States - 2022, I look forward to inspiring women and girls to fulfill their own potentials by believing in themselves and uniting families and communities with me.  

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