LaToya Rucker Ms. Woman United States - 2022

Ms. Woman United States - 2022

LaToya Rucker

Hi my name is LaToya Rucker and here's why you need to get to know me.

Snagging this Title has been an absolute dream-come-true rollercoaster! The chance to give back, just as others have done for me, is beyond words. I've been rocking the philanthropy scene for years, and now taking it nationwide feels like winning the lottery! Guiding high schoolers through college entrance exams, spreading holiday cheer with Christmas and Thanksgiving initiatives, and fueling back-to-school drives are some of my absolute favorite projects.

Working with single mothers has always held a special place in my heart, and now I get to turbocharge that passion on a national scale. It's not just about finding resources; it's about securing a rock-solid foundation for these incredible women to stand tall and take pride in their journey. And guess what? I'm not just talking the talk—I'm walking the walk by being a dedicated supporter of MOM of O.C. and the Nature's Conservatory.

But that's not all—l am a dynamic leader and I wear the entrepreneur hat with pride, I run a successful event planning company that caters to heavyweights like Coca-Cola, Apple, and numerous pharmaceutical companies. Beauty, brains, a wealth of experience, an unwavering work ethic—each of these qualities contributes to the facets of my sparkling diamond.

 I'm not just a business maven; I'm also your reigning Ms. Women United States for 2022. My mission? To ignite inspiration in women and girls, encouraging them to unlock their full potential by believing in themselves. Together, let's weave a tapestry of unity, connecting families and communities. Join me on this empowering journey, and let's make it rain positivity and generosity in 2023! 🌟

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