Ryleigh Pollard Little Miss United States - 2021

Little Miss United States - 2021

Ryleigh Pollard

Hi, I am Ryleigh Elizabeth Pollard and I am your Little Miss United States - 2021. I am 9 years old and fourth grader at White Plains Elementary School in Calhoun County, Alabama. When I'm not in school I enjoy taking dance and this is my sixth year. I also enjoy competitive cheer that I have been doing for five years. I have one brother named Ryder who is 6 years old. My family loves to travel and be outside. My favorite place is definitely Starbucks.

My platform is Reading With Ryleigh. I am very passionate about this because I used to struggle with reading and I'm on a mission to help make reading more fun. When we spend just just 4 extra minutes per day 90% of our reading improves. I love to hold book drives to donate to local schools. In my free time I go to preschools and read.  

Some would say that I have the worlds largest collection of Bath and Body works. I absolutely love to get as many lotions, candles and sprays that I can. Another interesting fact about me is that I am really good with kids. I have a lot of patience and definitely want to be a teacher when I grow up.

I am so excited about the things I can do and experience in the next year as Queen. Fundraising for the Childhood Literacy Initiative is something I am excited about by holding events both virtual and in-person and use social media to bring more awareness to childhood literacy. With all this I hope I can encourage kids to grab a good book and read more! I hope to travel and meet new people and enjoy the year with my Sister Queens.

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