Brandi Babin Ms. United States - 2021

Ms. United States - 2021

Brandi Babin

Her reaction when she looked in the mirror told Brandi everything she needed to know about where she was with her self value. An empty stare, dull complexion, and complete disgust from the inside out. What she didn’t know was how to fix it, or where it was coming from. After watching her 5-year-old daughter dance in front of the mirror, delighting in her own reflection, Brandi knew that she wanted that joy back. As a little girl, she knew she had delighted in herself that same way. She realized that she still had that sparkle buried deep inside of her. She was still that little girl and it was time to RECLAIM her!  

In the words of Darren Hardy, Brandi Babin is a real life Superhero! This title comes from the fact that she is a single mother of 4 young children, entrepreneur, Krav Maga Yellow Belt AND a National Beauty Queen!

After battling adversity for over 8 years, Brandi has developed a passion for a come-back story! “Everybody has one. There is not a person in this world that doesn’t battle adversity every day. And one day, they will win that battle. The only the thing have to figure out is, ‘When?’”

Some take years to figure out how to fight back. Brandi wants to give women the tools to fight harder, faster, and stronger! “The Reclaim Journal was my toolbox. It is packed full of everything that gave me the clarity, strength and confidence to completely change my situation. To me, it is power. And as I hand it off to women who feel trapped and helpless, it can empower them to rise out of the ashes, like the beautiful phoenix they were always meant to be.” You can find the journal at once it is published in early 2022!

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