Tiarah Thornton Miss Pre-Teen United States - 2020

Miss Pre-Teen United States - 2020

Tiarah Thornton

Tiarah Thornton is an ambitious 12 year old native of West Virginia. She is a 3-time USTA state tumbling champion, school science fair winner, and weather girl for her school’s news broadcast. She also enjoys spending time outdoors, riding her horse and taking photos of nature during free time. 

As Miss Pre-Teen United States - 2020, Tiarah plans to advocate for and raise awareness for Hospice Care Organizations. She chose Hospice Care because of the care they provided her father and family through his own cancer battle. Serving her platform has helped her work through the grief of his loss and has also helped her make many lifelong friendships. 

Tiarah’s goal during her reign is to help ease the burdens of others receiving end of life care by putting smiles on their faces with her “Journals With a Smile”, journals that will help terminally ill patients in Hospice create a keepsake for their families. Journals filled with meaningful memories and moments that remind them of happy thoughts.

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