Joanna Trailov Ms. Woman United States - 2020

Ms. Woman United States - 2020

Joanna Trailov

What is lov? “lov” is an inspired, intuitive, barefoot goddess that will climb into your heart. She is known to unleash the tame, soften the edge, and ignite your fire. Joanna Trailov is a mentor, coach and intuitive teacher that is fueled by good old fashioned heart and soul. Joanna has dedicated a lifetime to creative movement, taken a journey in self-love and made a practice of self-awareness that supports healing daily. As a survivor of domestic violence and abuse it gives her great joy to share the power of love and healing. 

It is with great vision that she evokes healing and supports those ready to break the cycle of abuse by shedding light to consciousness one heart at a time. Joanna is a child of the universe, a warrior of life, a daughter, a sister, a mother and a friend. She realizes the dedication it takes to have internal motivation to succeed and live with intention.  As an expert in Sports Medicine, Creator of Mindful Nutrition, A Yoga Therapist, and Master Reiki Healer, she has healed herself and supports others to find a path for their healing too. She believes the foundation for healthy relationships stems from self-love and self-awareness.

Through the vessels of her non-profit organization “iamlov” Joanna is inspiring and empowering the beauty of self-discovery. As she simply puts it…”To teach is to LOVE and to love is to HEAL” It is Joanna’s deepest desire to co-create, and teach uplifting and healing workshops, classes, and retreats for all, especially survivors of abuse. 

She invites you to heal, to serve, and to live a life in truth and with purpose...for in this light we raise the vibration and become one.

Are you ready? 

Take a deep breath in, and… exhale-

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