Amanda Peterson Ms. United States - 2020

Ms. United States - 2020

Amanda Peterson

One moment can change the trajectory of your future, and for Mandy Peterson that day was ten years ago when she survived a suicide attempt after years of battling depression and anxiety. That moment propelled Mandy to do more in the mental health field. As a current graduate student focusing on Clinical Mental Health Mandy aspires to be an adolescent counselor for individuals battling mental illness.

Mandy took her desire to aid the mental health field further and become an advocate and ally across the country. She has had the opportunity to speak at schools and military bases across the United States in addition to being honored at the United Nations for her advocacy work. She has also used her love for pageantry to act as a loudspeaker for her mental health passion.  As your Ms. United States - 2020 Mandy is on a mission to break down stigmas surrounding mental health, to educate individuals on mental health and resources and lastly she hopes to bridge the gap in accessible care for individuals struggling.

Outside of work and school you can find Mandy running with her dog, cooking new vegan recipes with her family or binge watching Law and order. The darkest moment in her life has left Mandy with a new desire to give back, love more and live a life that is just as unique as she is.

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