Portland Tidwell Miss Teen United States - 2019

Miss Teen United States - 2019

Portland Tidwell

Portland, a sophomore at San Antonio College, is proud of being crowned Miss Teen United States – 2019 and plans on transferring to Our Lady of the Lake university in San Antonio, Texas to obtain a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcasting and Communications.

Portland has volunteered over 2,300 hours of community service over the last several years and is passionate about her platform Club-C: 100% Caring for 100% Courage.  C, the Roman numeral for 100, is for the over 100 first responders who have made a choice to risk their lives for the safety of others.  Club -C is also in direct partnership with the San Antonio 100 Club and its sole purpose was to serve the families of fallen local, state and federal law enforcement officers and firefighters in Bexar County.  The 100 Club has most recently added counseling and is able to help with expenses a first responder hurt or wounded in the line of duty.

Club C feels strongly that fund raising is an essential part in the success of all 100 Club chapters.  Without funds the ability to help families left behind isn’t possible so it actively and aggressively searches for new sponsors, holds fund raisers and grows membership in existing chapters.

Portland says “ Being a titleholder pushes me outside my comfort zone, it requires me to implement ideas, beliefs, and goals that I may not otherwise think about or act upon. I am a more involved, informed, and confident person because I have chosen to be a part of Pageantry.”

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