Angel Maddox Miss Junior Teen United States - 2019

Miss Junior Teen United States - 2019

Angel Maddox

He’s strong, funny, caring, supportive, encouraging, tough, honest, and wise.  He is my grandfather. Ever since the day I was born and even before, he has loved and supported me through everything I have done.  But two years ago, he was diagnosed with lung cancer.  Now it was my time to be the one that was there to love, support, and encourage him, that he can beat this battle.  After a long battle, 186 doctor appointments later, I am excited to say, he is now in remission!  This was not only an extremely difficult and emotional battle for him but also for our family.

His story has lead me to create my platform “Hands of Hope", to provide love and support to cancer patients across the country.  I would love to show them that there is hope.  I will do this by educating, fundraising and inspiring patients and their families.

Although since 2016, I have over 700 hours of community service, just this year alone, I have served 167 hours from January to June of 2019.  And I am not finished yet......! I plan to continue my efforts and grow my platform to help as many cancer patients as possible.

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