Alexia Robinson Miss United States - 2019

Miss United States - 2019

Alexia Robinson

Alexia was born in St. Louis, Missouri where she has been an avid golfer since she was 13 years old.  Alexia’s passion for medicine began in high school when she took her first anatomy class and never wanted to put down the textbook.  This led her to pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from the University of Missouri Columbia.

Currently Alexia works in the Neonatology Neurology Department at Washington University in St. Louis under Dr. Rafael Galindo on several projects that help aide in the understanding and treatment in various neurodegenerative cognitive disorders.  Alexia has currently applied to medical school and is an aspiring physician that wants to work for the NFL.

During her time at the University of Missouri Columbia, Alexia was actively involved in volunteering at the University hospital and participating in Alternative Spring Break, where she would spend all of her spring breaks in South Dakota helping women that were domestically and sexually abused.  Alexia became an advocate for helping women to overcome these circumstances after she left an abusive four year relationship that almost ended her life.  Through seven years of pageantry Alexia has been an advocate against domestic violence, for preventative medicine, and raising awareness about the issues facing marginalized communities.

Alexia has partnered with IFM Community Medicine Mobile Clinic where she serves as a mentor, clinic volunteer and peer advocate.  The clinic provides free healthcare screenings, treatment and vaccinations at 19 locations that Alexia is involved in.  Her favorite location is Covenant House where she is able to help homeless teens adjust to life after leaving the homeless shelter, educate them on making healthy lifestyle choices, and promote secondary STEM education.  As Miss United States – 2019, Alexia has a mission to bring awareness about issues plaguing underrepresented urban communities and to advocate for preventative medicine in these communities across the country.

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