United States National Pageants to Announce Relocation of 2020 National Pageant Week to PGA National Resort & Spa in Palm Beach Gardens



Rochester, NY September 4, 2020

After months of delays in painstaking deliberation and negotiations with the Nevada Gaming Control Board and SouthPoint Hotel Casino, we have come to the mutual realization that in this ever changing pandemic climate, neither the city of Las Vegas or state of Nevada is able to provide adequate and acceptable safety protocols in time for us to host the 2020 United States National Pageant there this year.


We value the great lengths that the SouthPoint Hotel staff took in order to appropriate all within their means to accommodate our event and are sad to say that we have come to an insurmountable impasse.


Our number one priority for all 2020 Delegates, family members and stakeholders vested in the success of the organization, has been to produce a safe and elegant event October 11-15, 2020. 


And we are proud to say that we still can, and we still will. During these final weeks of optimistic negotiations, we continued to develop multiple production plans while also researching our ideal back-up host cities and venues in the off-case that Las Vegas and or Nevada would not be able to accommodate us this year. 


In pursuit of these efforts, one resort, and host city continued to rise to the top of our wishlist: the PGA National Resort & Spa in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida where it is expected they will be rolling out a Phase Two Plan in early September. 


Per Mayor Dave Kerner, “As our numbers continue to remain at acceptable levels, the discussion about Phase Two makes sense.” Further, on Thursday, County Administrator Baker issued Emergency Order 21 which opened up more recreational activities, including playgrounds, to our residents. The playgrounds will have enhanced cleaning and signage to allow for the safest use possible. Water play areas, volleyball courts, skate parks and adult leagues are now permissible with guidelines. Details on the order can be found here.

The PGA National Resort & Spa had already been high in the running for hosting our future Pageants, and we are elated that we have been able to achieve this leap even sooner than expected. 


“This year has been unprecedented for the world and the United States. The lessons we learned to overcome all obstacles and still provide a SAFE and elegant event for our valued stakeholders this year, demonstrates we have what it takes to secure a long-term sustainable future for our brand. Our state Directors and National Queens have not allowed 2020 to dampen their spirits, neither have our Sponsors and neither will we!” 


- Tony Ilacqua, President / Head Steward

   United States National Pageants