September, 25, 2020




For Immediate Release

Rochester, NY 2020-September, 2020


“I’m pleased to provide the following information demonstrating our commitment 

to produce a safe and elegant experience for all our Delegates.” - Tony Ilacqua


The United States National Pageants (USNP) October 11-14, 2020 is by invitation only this year, open to 2020 Delegates, their family, supporters, and approved service providers.


In addition to following travel and safety guidelines as outlined by the CDC, their home states and the state of Florida, all attendees are also encouraged to test themselves prior to arrival. On-site mandatory safety protocols will also be enforced in order to enhance health and safety for everyone. It is up to each participant to care for their wellbeing, and we have made it clear that participation is voluntary. 


We want to remind everyone that this continues to be the time for all of us to act responsibly in areas of personal care and hygiene, social distancing, personal contact and travel. Our cumulative efforts will help curb the spread of this virus and keep everyone safe.


Mandatory COVID-19 Screening Surveillance and Requirements:


Working in collaboration with an on-site medical practitioner and Palm Beach Gardens County Health Department, mandatory COVID-19 screenings and safety protocols including: surveys with tracing details, temperature checks, on site COVID-19 antibody blood screenings will be conducted prior to Pageant Check-in. Those who pass each day’s screening efforts, will receive wristbands for participation in that day’s activities and events. Temperature checks will continue to be conducted at designated entry points adjacent to the showroom, service areas and dining areas. If an attendee shows a temperature of 100.4°F or higher and or fails any portion of the mandatory COVID screening, they will become subservient to local government and PGA venue safety guidelines and no longer be eligible to attend.  


“Adherence to these protocols allows us the ability to serve our valued customers with confidence while also producing an elegant and meaningful experience for all.” 


Tony Ilacqua, President / Steward - United States National Pageants