The United States National Pageants announces the Reach for the Stars program


Rochester, NY August 8, 2020

United States Nationals Pageant is excited to announce Reach for the Stars Incentive Program designed to empower Queens on their journey to the United States Crown.  This program is designed to help you earn your All-Inclusive Fee for the 2020 National Pageant  with our newest international sponsors that are rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau.

“We heard your concerns of fundraising due to the pandemic and like our Queens we made it happen. We reached out to our international sponsors and developed an incentive program to help you compete this year.  With this new program you are a winner even before you compete.” – Tony, President and Brand Steward

This opportunity is available to all 2020 State Queens whether At-Large or with a State Director.  Our National Development Team will be rolling it out immediately for all the Queens to take advantage of.

The mission of the United States National Pageants is to be an inclusive sisterhood designed to prepare its participants for lifelong success. It does so by developing each individual’s inner light, beauty, and contribution no matter their shape, size or color.

It’s this mission - United for Family and Community, is what makes the pageant the priceless jewel of the industry that it is, and a truly wholesome family-oriented event.

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