Miss United States – 2019

Rochester, NY: May, 2020 — The United States National Pageants system aspires to be one that every stakeholder is proud to be part of. Upholding our core values of promoting sisterhood as well as uplifting our families and communities is the responsibility of every one of our National Team stewards, Directors and Queens. This responsibility is larger than any one of us.

On August 3, 2019, the United States National Pageants crowned Alexia Robinson as our Miss United States – 2019. Ms. Robinson is a wonderful, ambitious individual with many accomplishments and is worthy of our continued support.

Winning the National Title requires a great deal of commitment. Serving and promoting the good will of our system both publicly and privately as well as uplifting fellow National and sister State Queens is inherent with the responsibilities agreed to as an official ambassador of the United States National Pageant system.

The National Title also requires a great deal of internal fortitude, compassion, integrity, and stability. Most importantly, a Queen must represent the level of congeniality that our Organization has been known to exude for 34 years.

Continuing in the role of a National Titleholder requires being a positive role model, serving and representing all women during one’s reign, and requires a daily commitment of time, energy, resources and continued resolve to rise above temptations to let bad days or disappointments influence personal decisions.

It has come to our attention recently that a situation occurred involving Ms. Robinson’s personal conduct that demonstrated a lack of adherence to these qualities and standards.

The United States National Pageants organization has therefore taken the effective and immediate action of suspending Ms. Robinson’s ability to represent the Title of Miss United States – 2019, indefinitely until further notice. During this time of reflection, Ms. Robinson will be placing her talents and energies in positive endeavors including the continued personal advocacy of her platform and pursuit of her many
outstanding academic and professional achievements.

#For Immediate Release
All inquiries may be directed to info@unitedstatesps.com