Samantha Richards Mrs. Wisconsin United States - 2022

Mrs. Wisconsin United States - 2022

Samantha Richards

Team M.A.P.S.
Through my self-found program, Team M.A.P.S., it is our mission to create environmental awareness and pollution solutions across WI and nationwide while cultivating opportunities for families to serve their communities TOGETHER. Recognized twice in the media, we are doing this through nationwide programs such as Adopt-a-Highway, Adopt-a-Playground and Adopt-a-Storm Drain.  In this past year alone, we have collected and disposed of over 3 tons of waste found on our playgrounds and highways and inspired over 100 families to adopt over 115 storm drains protecting our waterways and improving our water quality.  We are also currently researching legislation to ensure that every town, village and city will have their own Adopt-a-Storm Drain program.

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