Rubie Stetzer Miss Junior Teen Wisconsin United States - 2019

Miss Junior Teen Wisconsin United States - 2019

Rubie Stetzer

All Heart: showing empathy and compassion through volunteering. 

It takes one person to start a movement, that is what Rubie started and plans to continue nationwide. Her kindness movement began four years ago at the age of nine. It was THIS first act of kindness that sparked a genuine love for serving others. Since then, Rubie's organization “All Heart” has been present at nearly 50 various community events and over 1300 hours of time has been given back with the purpose of enriching the lives of people around her. 

This organization was carefully designed by Rubie to lead by example in her community by showing kindness in multiple ways.  It also allowed Rubie to teach her peers how to be thoughtful, respectful and mindful of the needs of others. These traits, and more, can be learned through volunteering. Rubie has watched people in her community become more empathetic and compassionate just by making the choice to lend a helping hand to those in need. Big or small, gestures of consideration can change lives.  Rubie is here to prove with “All Heart” that kindness will always win!

A few organizations Rubie has excitedly volunteered with are: Children's Miracle Network, Darby's Dancers, Good Neighbor Day,  Wisconsin Lions Foundation, Destiny Ministries, Miss RemarkAble Pageant, and La Crosse Community Theatre.

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