Sarah Stevens Mrs. West Virginia United States - 2019

Mrs. West Virginia United States - 2019

Sarah Stevens

Sarah's platform and passion, is wellness. For her, wellness is defined in large part by the presence of a synergistic relationship between the individual (mind, body, and spirit) and his or her community, often through service. "In order to achieve wellness for oneself, it is truly important to focus on and contribute to the personal wellness of others." Sarah leads by example in this endeavor and has challenged herself to be a positive model for her children, family, friends, and community at large. 

Two factors in my life have steered me toward a passion for overall wellness. First, as a Type 1 Diabetic, I am uniquely mindful of maintaining a responsible and healthy lifestyle, so that I may be at my best to positively influence and serve those around me. Second, as a clinical psychologist, I am presented the opportunity on a daily basis to help those in my community who are in search of wellness in one form or another.

I use my life experiences and clinical skillset to positively encourage others and my community through my “Just One Thing Campaign.” The campaign’s goal is to show others that simply by changing “one thing,” no matter how big or small, great and powerful “things” can change in your life and improve your health. This concept also applies to communities and shows how coming together for one cause leads to other wonderful, lasting improvements. 

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