Hayley Huntsman Miss Utah United States - 2022

Miss Utah United States - 2022

Hayley Huntsman

Spread the Word: Inclusion

My platform, Spread the Word: Inclusion, is centered on advocating and promoting the inclusion of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities within our communities.

Through my career as a physical therapist and my volunteer service with numerous organizations across the state, I’ve been so fortunate to learn from individuals with a variety of special needs, and I am passionate about fostering an inclusive environment through activities and conversation. This passion fuels my desire to be an advocate for more awareness and action in including individuals with disabilities.

Spread the Word: Inclusion consists of three main steps:
~ Take the Pledge
~ Spread the Word
~ Be a Leader

The Pledge to Include is available through spreadtheword.global, and over the last year, I have collected over 275 Pledges. Making an intentional commitment to foster inclusion in our lives, our communities, and our families puts words into action. It helps create a sense of accountability, and gives a specific goal for each of us to work toward. A goal written down becomes a reality! The actions that each individual takes for inclusion are unique to that person, but they contribute to the shared global goal: inclusion for all, especially our friends and neighbors with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

I work closely with Best Buddies, Kids on the Move Autism Center, Mascot Miracles Foundation, and Special Olympics to create inclusive and adaptive events that specifically include individuals with special needs. I also educate the community through my social media initiative, “Spread the Word Wednesday”, and as a Best Buddies Champion of the Year, to bring awareness to the importance of disability inclusion in the workplace, school systems, and social and community events. This past year, I dedicated over 680 hours in service, earning me the Presidential Service Gold Award.

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