Tina Sarcevich Ms. Woman Texas United States - 2021

Ms. Woman Texas United States - 2021

Tina Sarcevich

My platform is …Loving People Into Wellness through education, awareness, resources and service to become the best version of themselves.

My passion to serve others and volunteer over the past two decades was birthed from my personal experiences of overcoming abandonment, abuse and chronic health issues.

My mission has expanded this year. I have launched a nonprofit that will directly impact women of all ages experiencing the traumas of abuses, homelessness, addiction and sex trafficking.

In addition, I serve at the women’s shelters and shelters for abused children providing manicures, food, clothing and outreach fundraisers. 

As I put myself in their environment, I am able to educate, inspire and encourage through training and interactions. As a result, this helps them become the victorious person they were divinely created to be.

As a partner with Haven House,  I organize fundraisers and have raised over $5000 annually for their shelters and abused children. 

My mission has grown exponentially for over five years. This year the goal has exceeded previous years, even with the current climate In our culture. 

Through my outreaches and fundraisers for the homeless, several businesses have partnered with me.  We have raised and contributed over $18,000 annually. We are continuing to grow and duplicate as we finish our sixth year of collaborations.

Even with Covid, we were on the streets, collecting donations in.person and on social media.As well, we were serving those in need.

By the beginning of the year my LLC will be transformed into a foundation to create expansion of services and resources for our community.

I am the voice and advocate for people that feel downtrodden and left behind. 

This voice has taken me to seniors assisted living centers for thirteen years.

I give seniors manicures, listen to their stories and share compassion with them. This outreach has grown to several communities through my implementation.

In addition, I am the Chapel minister, on a weekly basis; to hundreds of seniors in the community.

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