Tien Davis Ms. Woman Texas United States - 2019

Ms. Woman Texas United States - 2019

Tien Davis

She is currently working with the Peace of Mind foundation and on her own platform., "Love Wins” whose mantra is: Be humble, Be courageous, Be kind. Love WILL win every time” is a youth mentoring program for those who have been victims of school-aged bullying. She spent the duration of her time in graduate school researching and focusing her studies on the adverse effects of one of the largest issues plaguing our youth, both here in the United States and globally. She not only is passionate about helping our youth, but was also a victim from an early age well into adulthood and knows firsthand the damage that it leaves. By doing so, she is making a bigger impact on her local community and is a voice for those struggling with mental health issues. Her goal is to continue working on her personal platform and elevate it to a national level. 

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