Addison Hadley Miss Tennessee United States - 2023

Miss Tennessee United States - 2023

Addison Hadley

My platform, Volunteer to Be the Village, focuses on every child’s right to wellbeing, success, and happiness. My personal platform work includes volunteer service through my Children’s Neighborhood Program, the local libraries and school systems, and with Children’s Miracle Network hospitals; fundraising for children in need, specifically those navigating poverty or those with disabilities and/or special abilities; and raising awareness in my community and beyond about the importance of becoming a villager for the children in your community. Having been raised by a village who fed me when I was hungry and who protected me when I was vulnerable, I am keenly aware of the difference that a kind, supportive adult’s presence can make in a child’s life when that child is in need. I owe this service to my younger self and to the millions of children who, like I did, do not have enough.

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