Shana Smith Mrs. Tennessee United States - 2022

Mrs. Tennessee United States - 2022

Shana Smith

It Takes a Village to Foster: Wrapping Around America’s Kids in the Foster Care System & the Families who Care for Them
Today, there are 450,000 children in America’s foster care system but only 214,420 foster families.

Sixteen years ago, as a single 26-year-old, I chose to be part of the solution to this growing crisis. Later, after I married my amazing husband MSG Grant Smith, we chose to continue that journey together. We have fostered 20 children and have three amazing children through adoption.

Most Americans do not realize that they can support children in the foster care system without being a foster parent. Not everyone is called to be a foster parent, but we are all called to care for our nation’s children and there are a myriad of ways to do this.

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