Jordynne Tucker Miss Tennessee United States - 2022

Miss Tennessee United States - 2022

Jordynne Tucker

In 2020, 130 million Americans were considered functionally illiterate and cannot read above a 5th grade level. In order to address the literacy issues in adults we must start by actively engaging in early literacy. Early literacy is defined by creating activities that give children the tools they need to be successful leaders. This is done by developing rich language skills like vocabulary, self-expression and reading comprehension. While many believe early literacy is about teaching young children to read, literacy skills go far beyond words on a page. Through the implementation of early literacy practices, we can create a brighter future with higher literacy rates across the state of Tennessee and the country.

In order to accomplish this, I plan to demonstrate these early literacy strategies and their impact on learning in classrooms and through collaborations with early literacy programs across the state of Tennessee. In this increasingly media-based age, I also think it is imperative to utilize various social media platforms and share early literacy tips and strategies to try at home. These strategies include imaginative play, singing, reading, talking, and writing for young children.
Early literacy skills are important to residents of all states and will transfer if chosen to compete for the job of Miss America. By beginning to address the nation’s literacy issues with our children we have the power to change the trajectory early.

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