Cassidy Holt Miss Teen Tennessee United States - 2022

Miss Teen Tennessee United States - 2022

Cassidy Holt

My platform is Alzheimer’s disease. I chose this platform since I have had multiple family members taken from my family and I much too soon due to this disease. I believe that Alzheimer’s disease is not focused on as much as it needs to be when it comes to fundraising to find a cure and making it known that it is not only hard on the individual with the disease but their family as well. in my experience, it is very hard to watch someone go through this as their memories are slowly taken away from them and they gradually start to forget who you are. I am currently working with my local Tennessee Alzheimer’s location to release informational videos to the community about Alzheimer’s. I am also working with the Tennessee Alzheimer’s of the Cumberland’s Cookeville location to help with fundraising efforts and so far have raised $166 dollars with the first fundraiser by helping sell mums to our local community.

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