Allygrace Pitts Miss Pre-Teen Tennessee United States - 2022

Miss Pre-Teen Tennessee United States - 2022

Allygrace Pitts

I have partnered with the ARC ( a non profit that assist individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities ) of North Talladega County in an effort to assist in bringing a since of normalcy to people with life exclusions. Most recently I have assisted the ARC with the production of Grease Junior,  which was on display for several days and utilized members of the ARC to play all major roles in attempts to show them that they can do anything! We are are also working on a respite care program for guardians and caregivers to have time for themselves, while we take care of their individuals that need care.

I have recently partnered with the Outdoor Ability Foundation and am planning a fundraiser to help with the cost of the equipment they provide for children such as track chairs.

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