Marie Parente Mrs. Rhode Island United States - 2019

Mrs. Rhode Island United States - 2019

Marie Parente

The platform she is representing is No Kid Hungry. She wants to fundraise for this organization because it is near and dear to her heart, as she has two young children and she knows the importance nourishment plays in a child's development. She wants to use her title as a microphone to raise funds and influence others to do the same. When a child is properly fed, the sky is the limit on what they can achieve. No child should have to worry where there next meal is coming from. They should be able to be carefree and enjoy being a child. 

I am working to try to increase awareness for the amount of children who aren’t getting proper nutrition in our country. I try to raise money via Facebook and social media but truly would like the opportunity to have a megaphone (state title) to really push awareness and work with school systems to put something in play to have otherwise good, healthy food not thrown out but at the disposal of children in need. 

I am a mother of two beautiful children. No Kid Hungry really pulls at my heart strings, as no child should not have food to succeed in and outside classroom setting. 

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