Brea Estep Mrs. North Carolina United States - 2021

Mrs. North Carolina United States - 2021

Brea Estep

All of the top causes of disease in the United States are lifestyle preventable, including the 31% of adolescents considered overweight or obese.

I'm Brea Sharron Estep, fitness and kids have always been my passion, so my husband and I adopted our church’s middle school youth group. Getting to know these students, and hearing their stories, trauma, and hurt, led us to take action. With my work as an Integrative Health Practitioner and fitness studio owner I knew I could help kids nationwide lead healthier lifestyles. My support of their journey to better health inspired me to create Youth Fitness Link, a nonprofit to build healthy positive relationships on the inside and out to combat adolescent obesity and to teach lifestyle changes.

Besides my nonprofit organization and my work nationally with the Boys and Girls Club, I’ve spent hundreds of hours leveraging my studio space as well as my fitness and nutrition education in schools and have raised over $3500 in my community for charities such as Hospice, Girl Scouts, Wounded Warrior, Brain Tumor Society, and Susan G Komen in addition working with my church's middle school youth group. Through my Holistic Health Cookbook, Integrative health course, YouTube Fitness Channel, #WOW innovative, and a virtual 5K, I impact health and fitness for youth and the entire family.

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