Connie Tsang Ms. Woman New York United States - 2023

Ms. Woman New York United States - 2023

Connie Tsang

My platform is called 'I Am Able,' which focuses on empowering individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to find their voices through speech therapy. As a result of this, they gain a higher level of independence and self-assurance, enabling them to excel both academically and in life. I strive hard every day, not only as a passionate speech therapist but also as the CEO and founder of a special needs agency aimed at helping those in need. Due to the substantial demand for speech therapy services, which often leads to waiting lists, I have additionally developed innovative programs within my agency. These programs ensure that individuals on waitlists receive the same valuable speech techniques and skills, thus creating a more inclusive and supportive environment. Without a doubt, my platform and mission are aimed at enhancing communication abilities and the overall quality of life.

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