LaShae Lambert Miss New York United States - 2019

Miss New York United States - 2019

LaShae Lambert

Bringing awareness to the issues of domestic violence, sexual assault, and sex trafficking. Shae has already done on the ground work in these areas by being on the young professional’s board for Cornerstone Women’s Shelter and hosting events to raise money to fund the center. She educates her community by giving presentations on specific areas of legislation that have to be addressed in order to change the victim blaming narrative. Shae volunteers her time, and has even created a sample grant proposal to develop a program centered on pre-vocational job training for survivors of sex trafficking. However, she feels that making a direct and lasting effect will make a larger impact. Much of her research in her master’s program is centered on these topics, to gather enough information to be able to use in her future career, to develop policy and legislation that will protect survivors. Shae has turned her platform into her life goal and career.

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