Jennaydra Jordan Mrs. New York United States - 2019

Mrs. New York United States - 2019

Jennaydra Jordan

After spending 15 years as a New York litigator, Jennaydra D. Jordan, J.D. (affectionately known as Jey) grew tired of seeing individuals and families make poor financial decisions. In her opinion, they were “jaywalking” on the path to economic freedom. Unfortunately, when they sought her advice, it was too late for her to help them avoid foreclosure or bankruptcy. 

Understanding how bad financial decisions cause people to “jaywalk” into self-ruin, Jennaydra returned to her economic roots. She created a three-step process to guide people to make better fiscal decisions. Jennaydra’s platform, Walk this Way with Jey, has empowered over 2,000 families across the country. 

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