Abigail Hills Miss New Mexico United States - 2022

Miss New Mexico United States - 2022

Abigail Hills

My platform is fighting against human trafficking in the United States. Human Trafficking is the fastest growing crime in the world, and is present in nearly every zip code in the United States. One of my best friends is a survivor of human trafficking, so this issue is one that has affected me personally. To fight against this egregious human rights abuse, I have worked with leaders to help pass legislation in the New Mexico state capitol  that would provide harsher consequences to traffickers, as well as more protections for victims. I have published peer-reviewed academic research on the relationship between human trafficking and human smuggling at the U.S.-Mexico Border. I have led viral social media campaigns to raise awareness for anti-trafficking organizations, like Adaptive Ops, as well as work as a volunteer organizer for the A21 Walk for Freedom in Morelia, Mexico.

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