Morgan Taylor Miss New Jersey United States - 2021

Miss New Jersey United States - 2021

Morgan Taylor

Shine Online! Empowering Local Business with Marketing Education

According to Time magazine, a staggering 70% of people suffer from Imposter Syndrome — the belief that everyone else in the room is smarter, funnier, prettier and more capable than you. Once we put aside these feelings of inferiority, we are able to focus on the good we can do for our community.

I am Morgan Taylor, and I have fought depression and imposter syndrome for most of my adult life. I started my platform “Shine Online” as a way to use my gifts as a filmmaker and web developer to empower business owners to confidently serve their communities online.

During COVID-19, my team and I produced over 50 educational webinars to help the global business community make a much-needed transition into the virtual world.

As your Queen, I promise to continue my work inspiring business owners around the country to put aside comparison, embrace the power of their stories, and SHINE bright so we can all better serve the world around us.

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