Bethany Rice Ms. Woman New Hampshire United States - 2019

Ms. Woman New Hampshire United States - 2019

Bethany Rice

Illiteracy in the United States is a troubling issue. Over 30 million adults cannot read and write beyond a third grade level. Children whose parents have low literacy levels are 72% more likely to also struggle with reading and writing. This has devastating economic consequences and costs. Low literacy levels lead to a higher dependence on social services, trapping people in a cycle of poverty. Literacy is an issue of social justice. 

Dr. Bethany Rice advocates for "Literacy to Live." She is a professor of Reading & Literacy at Endicott College. She is a teacher of teachers. Her volunteer service and professional life center around the value of reading. Her research addresses ways to improve literacy instruction both in and out of schools. Through her workshops, she helps teachers and parents to create a culture of literacy in any environment. “HOTT about Reading” is a powerful, but easy message. It stands for Have a goal, Open a book, Take a break to read, Twenty minutes total. This approach makes reading personal, motivating, and manageable for all children and adults. 

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