Terri Vinos Miss Pre-Teen Nevada United States - 2021

Miss Pre-Teen Nevada United States - 2021

Terri Vinos

My platform is Miracle babies. This organization is near and dear to my heart because my own brother Lincoln was a premature baby and in the NICU for 5 long scary weeks. My goal is to be able to volunteer in the NICU but I have to wait until I am 13 years old. Miracle Babies is a nonprofit organization that helps support and reunite families with their Premature babies in the NICU. They do this in many different ways such as using their shuttles to transport families to and from the NICU's. Transportation can be a significant barrier for families to get to the NICU and create a bond with their children. They also regularly host diaper drives and that is one thing I really enjoy helping with, I have collected over 3500 diaper boxes and donated to the NICU families to date.

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