Tiffany Rea Miss Nevada United States - 2019

Miss Nevada United States - 2019

Tiffany Rea

Tiffany’s platform is one she has established while serving over 900 hours of community service. Her passion for promoting volunteerism through mentorship began by creating her own non-profit group called, “Caring Crowns.” Through this project, she has worked side-by-side with people of all different walks of life, along with establishing a pageant court for girls with medical disabilities and physical handicaps. She enjoys putting her efforts towards several different organizations, mainly the American Legion Auxiliary. She has dedicated her time to fundraisers and events that include: veterans, deployed soldiers and their families, foster care, orphanages, police and fire departments, and environmental causes. Her motto is “Mentoring Matters,” because she believes when someone has a positive influence in their life, they can be inspired to achieve anything. Teaching others to get involved is the best way to raise awareness for important causes. Mentoring through volunteerism can start a chain reaction and encourage others to go out and show the skills they have to offer. Tiffany believes that anybody can volunteer and make a difference and she refers to Judy Blume’s quote, “Our fingerprints don’t fade from the lives we touch.”

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