Allie Mancuso Mrs. Nebraska United States - 2022

Mrs. Nebraska United States - 2022

Allie Mancuso

Allie’s platform, THRIVE, helps solve the deficit of well-being in our country by utilizing executive coaching strategies in accordance with a 7F framework. 51% of young Americans and three in five adult Americans say they feel down, depressed, or hopeless, and sadly this stat is on the rise. Why? Because many people lack goals, direction, and meaning. Life often tells women to “paint within the lines.” However, in order to tap into their purpose, sometimes it takes another person to come alongside them to guide, push, and encourage them on their way. Satisfaction, self-worth, and happiness GROW when someone achieves balance in their wellbeing. Allie believes that EVERY person on this earth is here for a specific purpose, and deserves to discover their unique gifts and strengths in life. With the belief that every person has value, Allie is on a mission to equip 20,000 young people with a framework to succeed.

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