Linda Casey Ms. Woman Missouri United States - 2020

Ms. Woman Missouri United States - 2020

Linda Casey

Did you know that a child with 2 active parents is statistically 3 times more likely to be active themselves?  Studies have proven that fitness and nutritional habits begin at home.  The Healthy Households Initiative is designed to empower families to adopt outdoor physical activities and nutritional eating habits to help grow our youth into happy, successful adults.

As part of the Healthy Households Initiative and staying healthy, in light of the coronavirus pandemic I have been gathering volunteers to make face masks and personally delivering the face masks to essential businesses in Missouri, in an effort to keep the general public healthy.

Apart from the face mask delivery project, I have also been using social media to inspire families to be active during the time of quarantine.  To further promote my Healthy Household initiative, I have interviewed known fitness instructors in Missouri and posted videos of workout routines that can be done in the safety of our homes.  

As a title holder, I take my role of influencing and empowering others very seriously.  Although I have been asked, I am cautious to not endorse any vitamin or supplement company as a means of profit.  Since I have traveled extensively, I have connection all across the continental U.S.  As a result, I am able to reach thousands of followers on social media, and have received support for Healthy Households' face mask project from states outside Missouri.

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