Lyounious Moody Ms. Woman Mississippi United States - 2022

Ms. Woman Mississippi United States - 2022

Lyounious Moody

BFF: Best Foot Forward

Best Foot Forward is my platform I created for anyone that needs that boost to be their best self. Even though the focus is girls ages 4-18 any young or young at heart can come and learn the basic modeling. To often in the pageant world as well as everyday  life, some of us think it is easier to act, look, sound or pretend to be someone else. It is not ok , first thing you must do is love yourself and be your best self. With my BFF platform I will show that age and size doesn't  matter as long as you put your best foot forward and be the best you that you can be. Before COVID-19 and virtual schooling I would go to elementary/middle and high school and do one  hour BFF classes. The student would learn about each other and support one another. Virtual meetings are ok but there's nothing like seeing those faces light up in person.

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