McKenzie Rhett Miss Junior Teen Mississippi United States - 2019

Miss Junior Teen Mississippi United States - 2019

McKenzie Rhett

McKenzie has chosen Diabetes Awareness for children with an emphasis on healthy eating and staying active because Mississippi is ranked third for the highest number of people living with Diabetes in the US. Mississippi is ranked first for the most people living a sedentary lifestyle. She believes these are directly related and hopes to educate the future of MS in ways that they can change those statistics. She is currently going to elementary schools and daycares in MS to explain what a child’s life is like when they live with Insulin Dependent Diabetes. She is also showing them healthy food alternatives and fun ways to stay active. She is leaving them with bracelets that remind them to “Jump Up for Diabetes and Stay Active”. McKenzie is also working with the Diabetes Foundation of MS to further their efforts across the state. They have been generous to provide her with posters, books, and bookmarks. She looks forward to helping them with the Diabetes Walk in October of this year.

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