Tina Sarcevich Ms. Woman Michigan United States - 2020

Ms. Woman Michigan United States - 2020

Tina Sarcevich

My platform is Heal2Empower.

I am continually serving the homeless on the streets of Detroit. First and foremost,  I feed their physical needs. Making sure they have food, water and warm clothing.  Then, I minister to them.  I share the Gospel, minister to their heart and encourage their mind.  

In addition, I serve at the women’s Shelters and Abused Shelters for Children.  I volunteer giving manicures, food, clothing and outreach fundraisers.  As I put myself in their environment, I am able to minister, educate, inspire and encourage them.  As a result, this helps them build their tool box to rise above; and become the victorious person they were divinely created to be.

I am the voice for those that feel down trodden or left behind.  This voice has taken me to Senior’s Assisted Living Environments for the past thirteen years.  I give the seniors manicures, listen to their stories and share my compassion with them.  The past two years, I have been the weekly Minister in their Chapels. Sharing the Gospel has been my life long passion since I was a young girl.

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