Tricia Thomas Mrs. Louisiana United States - 2021

Mrs. Louisiana United States - 2021

Tricia Thomas

I have a story to tell about Alzheimer’s disease awareness, and how I am here to help. Did you know that every 60 seconds someone is being diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease? 204,000 families in Louisiana, alone, bear the burden of home care, including my family.  I am Tricia Thomas, Mrs. Louisiana, and I advocate for early detection and warning signs of Dementia Alzheimer’s. My dad, Hurbert Wood, is the cornerstone of my family, yet he is in the last stages of Dementia Alzheimers. Our family rallies together to care for him, and to advocate for others like us that deal with this memory-robbing disease.
Loss of vocabulary, difficulty retaining information, loss of valuable objects, and daily tasks are often forgotten and are some of the early warnings of Alzheimer’s and should not be overlooked, regardless of age and health.
Having a background in Pharmaceuticals, I am excited that there is hope with new treatments for the brain plaque that happens to Alzheimer's patients.
It may be too late for Hurbert, and my family, as we missed these signs. Every day I miss my dad, even when he is there with me. Alzheimer’s is a horrible disease that is easily overlooked. As Mrs. United States, raising consciousness, thus accelerating the treatment of potential Alzheimer's patients, is my goal. Join me in raising the bar of health and hope, as we all need our daddy.

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