Karli Sherman Ms. Louisiana United States - 2021

Ms. Louisiana United States - 2021

Karli Sherman

The best day of my life was when I was 5 days old. It was the day I was adopted and became Karli Anne Sherman. Adoption is one of the most beautifully selfless acts of unconditional love humans can do, and to give children their best shot at life is something I feel deeply connected to as an adopted child.

I have advocated actively for adoption for most of my life, and I am proud to support The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption nationally, Foster the Love Acadiana locally, and I've even been a featured speaker telling my adoption story on a nationally broadcast stage through The Storytellers Project, a program of USA Today.

Throughout my reign my plan is to raise $5000+ for Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption through fundraisers, appearances, and 5 speaking engagements, one of which is already scheduled.

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