Madison Irwin Ms. Kentucky United States - 2019

Ms. Kentucky United States - 2019

Madison Irwin

As a Registered Dental Hygienist, Madison educates patients daily on proper oral hygiene care. Her platform “Healthy Smiles #healthysmilesforahappylife” allows her to inform audiences of the importance of proper oral hygiene, and the systemic effects poor oral hygiene can have on the body, all while helping people find their “smile” again. A smile is typically the first communication between people, and each smile is perfect in its own way. Madison enjoys helping others find their inner confidence and “smile,” all while teaching them how to keep their mouth and body healthy too. 

Along with educating patients daily in her operatory, she has collected toothbrushes from her hometown and surrounding counties to collect and donate to Family Resource Center’s that utilize a backpack program to provide food and necessities for children and adolescents who do not receive these items at home. Adding toothbrushes to their backpacks full of food allows a new audience to be reached and help them achieve proper oral hygiene at home. 

Madison hopes to continue throughout her reign and after to be able to provide these hygiene items for those in need, as well as continuing to educate her patients and different audiences on the importance of good oral hygiene and its connection to the rest of the body. Madison also hopes to continue helping audiences find their smile and their inner confidence with her platform. 

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