Emily Campbell Mrs. Kentucky United States - 2019

Mrs. Kentucky United States - 2019

Emily Campbell

Posh Pushers, Emily’s .com business has teamed up with MedShare, a non-profit organization that collects unused medical supplies to be donated to under-served communities in the US and countries across the world. Emily, a labor & delivery nurse, has set up collection locations on her unit to gather leftover supplies, that would otherwise be disposed of in landfills, to donate & support MedShare’s Clean Birthing Kits. Their goal is to decrease infant mortality rates due to preventable causes. Two million mothers watch their newborns die their first day of life due to preventable causes that adequate & clean delivery supplies could aid in preventing. Posh Pushers also donates their “nearly perfect” hospital gowns to MedShare as part of the project. Emily has a huge heart for this organization as it ties in her career as an L&D nurse, as well as an opportunity for her business to give back. Posh Pushers cherishes the relationship with the amazing people at MedShare & over 100 countries & countless patients’ lives they have touched! Emily has recently begun expanding her platform “Joy In The Journey” more specifically using her current business of custom hospital gowns. Her upcoming pediatric line, with a possible partnership with Warner Brothers, will feature a permanent Buy One Give One campaign. Joy In The Journey will support the motto “Empowering the hospitalized to trust the wait, embrace uncertainty, and find JOY in their medical journey. Be someone’s sunshine when their skies are grey” and will give custom, fun hospital gowns to patients young and old, faced with uncertainty in their medical treatment journey. From pediatric hospitalizations, to cancer in an elderly patient, she wants to add JOY to anyone’s JOurneY she can! Emily & her family will be hand delivering these gowns to local hospitals in hopes to be someone’s sunshine. 

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