Chanteal VanCamp Mrs. Indiana United States - 2020

Mrs. Indiana United States - 2020

Chanteal VanCamp

“Unity through Community” RAKtivist.

I am a Kindness Ambassador through the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.  I host an online community called “RAKtion Heroes” that holds monthly “Unity Through Community” challenges and encourages people throughout the United States to come together and participate in kindness events in their communities and then collaborate in the online community to celebrate the positive impact we are making in the world around us.  My platform is all about being active, involved, and impactful in your community — and we place a special emphasis on “Serve Together” opportunities that focus on volunteering as a family unit (whatever that may look like in your home)!

Because Unity Through Community & RAKtivism doesn’t limit me to working with just 1 organization, I am involved with numerous charities and constantly increasing the number of organizations I partner with in order to make a wider impact.  
As Mrs Indiana, I plan to serve in all 92 Indiana counties throughout my year of reign.  As Mrs Unites States, I plan to get my United States National Pageant sisters and individuals from all 50 states to participate in my “Unity Through Community” monthly service challenges!  I want to be the face of kindness that shows that every person matters and can make a difference!!!

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