LaShan Dixon Mrs. Indiana United States - 2019

Mrs. Indiana United States - 2019

LaShan Dixon

As an official spokeswoman for Beauty Behind Bars™ LaShan Dixon shines a light on the issues of low self-esteem, suicide, and depression. This past year, LaShan was able to directly impact more than 1,200 girls and women through workshops who were mentally or physically behind bars by partnering with local churches and detention centers. Additionally, LaShan and her husband Lamar are the Founders of H.O.P.E. Every day, that also serves as the mission statement for their family. “H.O.P.E. Every Day” which stands for Helping Other People Excel Every Day is how they as a family make an impact on the current and future generations. Through various methods, such as giving scholarships in memory of their late siblings to participating in service projects with their International Greek letter organizations LaShan, Lamar and their 4 year old daughter Londyn help foster positivity globally.

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