Saryna Ritter-Keddy Mrs. Illinois United States - 2023

Mrs. Illinois United States - 2023

Saryna Ritter-Keddy

My platform focus is: Offering Hope and Encouragement to preemie and infant loss families world wide. No one has to meet a certain criteria to be loved. We provide Preemie Care Packages, Angel Gowns, Preemie Hats, Preemie Blankets and Preemie booties for hand and feet.

As the International Spokesperson my role is to recruit individuals worldwide to hand deliver care packages to NICUs globally. 

5 years ago I joined the Board of Directors and became the International Spokesperson to grow the organization from only impacting Wisconsin and Northern Illinois to a national scale. So I launched our Global Mission Tour and have personally recruited 625 volunteers over the last 5 years who have provided care packages to all 50 states and 14 countries to date.

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