Trena Myers Ms. Woman Georgia United States - 2020

Ms. Woman Georgia United States - 2020

Trena Myers

Connect with your inner child, make a fun mess and dispose of stress! The Color Theory Code Emotional Wellness is an emotional and mental health focused program that I created that includes mindfulness and stress management. I provide interactive virtual workshops and retreats to empower busy people to ease stress and anxiety through creative unwind, create a fun mess and let go of stress while doing it!

I have published Creative Mindset Journals filled with emotional wellness activities available on Amazon and have been published in over 20 articles, books and interviews. Having a presence virtually has been key with over 30 emotional wellness workshops and 24 volunteer projects has kept me visual to friends, family and the community globally with clients in South Africa, India, Australia, Canada and across the US from California to NY. My workshops have touched the lives of healthcare workers, Girl Scouts across the US and women who have been rescued from Sex Trafficking to name just a few.

I have helped to raise over $5K towards Multiple Sclerosis, Immune Deficiency, Gwinnett County Child Services, Rainbow Village (A homeless community for families) and organized the hospital that I work to become a national sponsor for the Immune Deficiency Foundation.

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