Aisha Manus Mrs. Georgia United States - 2020

Mrs. Georgia United States - 2020

Aisha Manus

I am a sewist for Cloth Connection Outreach, which provides free cloth pads and cups to people in need. I sew pads and wet bags for them. This is important to me because 1 in 3 people have difficulty in at least one point in their life paying for the protection that they need, my self included. Plus cloth and cups are a more sustainable option and better for the environment, considering that disposable menstrual products account for the 5th largest pollutants in the ocean. Those who menstruate should not have to suffer because they can't afford the monthly expenses and our environment shouldn't suffer when there are wonderful alternatives.

I also volunteer my time to perform at the libraries in my county and the surrounding counties as a mermaid to read to children and inspire imagination. Education is very important to me and I believe that if a child learns to love to read early in their life they will grow to love it later in life, and reading is essential to school work, especially as you go into higher education. I am about to finish my master's degree and it's a good thing I love to read because we sure do read a lot!

I am also a sewist for the Rare Bear Army through Rare Sciences, they provide teddy bears to children with rare chromosomal diseases. I sew bears. This is important to me because I have a child with an incredibly rare chromosomal syndrome (2q37 Deletion syndrome) and I know what it is like for these children and their families. Bears that are unique like them can be a wonderful comfort.

Finally, I use the fabric scraps from both projects above to stuff beds that I sew for my local animal shelter. I waste no fabric and I like to give to my local shelters so the animals waiting for their forever homes have a little something special to relax on instead of the hard floors. I am a big fan of adoption and I personally have 4 adopted cats.

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